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VKAR - Virtual power plants for autarkic regions

2004 to 2005

Development and evaluation of a spatial model which shows local energy potentials and the pattern of consumers. The model is meant to serve the purpose of developing self-sustaining regions with a neutral energy and CO2 balance.

The research studio iSPACE met the challenge to identify theoretical and effective energy potentials of renewable energy sources such as biomass, photovoltaik, water power and wind with the help of analytic methods of geoinformatics. The results were calculated and spatially visualised for a defined investigation area in the austrian-bavarian border region. The objective of the project was to create virtual power plants based on the combination of the different energy potentials, to compare them with the pattern of energy consumption and derive energy autarkic regions.

The results of the project illustrate the worth and options of a local energy supply based on renewable sources and add a geographic perspective to support decision-making.

Download: Final Project Report

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