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UML Salzburg

2017 to 2020

The Urban Mobility Laboratory (UML) Salzburg aims to stimulate innovation projects in people mobility and city logistics in central Salzburg. The three main topics of the UML are intermodal interfaces (in people mobility and city logistics), Integrated mobility management (location oriented) and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and alternative power units.

The UML Salzburg supervises user related innovation projects and transfers research results (incl. prototypes) into sustainable applications. Furthermore, it harmonizes the mobility offers according to the specific challenges of the city and the region. The UML Salzburg aims to initiate new socially relevant innovation projects which contribute to the intelligent organization of urban passenger mobility and city logistics and also have a very high chance for implementation, based on the relevant local and regional strategies.

Besides the basic tasks (such as awareness raising, coordination of master plans), innovative services are offered, which can be claimed by research institutions, consultants, SMEs and industrial companies to support their innovation projects. Depending on the question, different stakeholder groups are involved in order to achieve the highest possible level of networking.

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Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0