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BORG Oberndorf, Salzburg

THE4BEES Workshop @ BORG Oberndorf

In the course of THE4BEES project, a first workshop was taking place together with a class of the BORG Oberndorf. The content of the workshop was on the one hand, the installation of sensors in the classroom and on the other hand, the digitization of the school building with the software “JOSM”.
In the end, a feedback round including a brainstorming-session on the subject of energy saving in schools was conducted, during which the pupils wrote down their ideas and thoughts regarding this topic.
In the next workshop, which is planned for before the summer break, the pupils will design storytelling maps. These maps will include their own digitized buildings as 3D-models through Web Services.
Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0