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Smart Sensor-IQS

2014 to 2015

The major objective of the research project 'smart SensorIQS' (Intelligent and automated quality assurance of hydrological 'live' sensor measurements) is the design and development of a sustainable quality assurance model for sensor observations whereby knowledge representation models and linked data concepts are used to associate the quality aspect to the measurement data in the semantic web.

The field of error detection in measurement data in sensor observations and quality assurance of measurement data is well established but not coherent from one expert to another. Hence, the methods of quality assurance differ from one case to another (e.g. humidity, temperature, precipitation).

A number of verification- and correction methods has been developed to identify the plausibility of the sensor observation data. Most of the existing techniques are specifically adapted to specific domains and requirements of the measurement phenomena. However, the aspect of quality of the sensor observation data across these domains is rarely treated. So far, measurement data of sensor observations and the description about the verification process have been stored separately.

As the relationship between the measurement raw data and the quality assurance process is insufficiently explored, it is a major topic of the research project "smart SensorIQS" to discover methods on how to link these two compartments as well as how to harmonize different forms of quality descriptions. One way to investigate this research gap is the collaborative application of knowledge representation models to formalize the characteristics of the sensor observation.

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