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RTGA - Real-Time Geo Awareness

2007 to 2008

The project RTGA was dedicated to modelling, analysis and interpretation of environmental indicators with the aid of a distributed framework consisting of mobile sensors, geodatabases and server-side geographical analysis components, based on open standards.

The objective of this research project was the development of a standardised sensor network for an indicator based "real time geo-awareness", which includes collection, interpretation and distribution of environmental information. Measuring instruments are conventional sensors for the measurement of environmental parameters such as air temperature, insulation etc. as well as cameras and various other sensors. The system is based on a prototype of a mobile GPS-based sensor network measuring various environmental indicators. The standardised communication uses a technology called "sensor web" which stands for a network of sensors which are able to communicate and interact in an intelligent way. The project consortium relies on innovative web-based server-side GIS processing systems which allow automatic modelling and analysis of the data measured in real-time. The important innovation of this project is the real time generalisation to geographic layers unlike the post-processing which is done nowadays.

The outcomes of the project are a construction kit consisting of sensor web compliant measuring units for the collection of useable information from spatial data measured in real time and a set of "real-time-geoprocessing" web services which allow the evaluation and analysis of the raw data and the transformation of the data to geographical information layers for the modelling of environmental indicators.

Dr. Manfred Mittlböck
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