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Spatial Settlement Indicators

2008 to 2010

Development of a set of spatial indicators concerning settlement structures aiming at a sustainable settlement development and spatial monitoring.

The projects aims at developing spatial indicators on settlement structures working closely together with department 7 spatial planning of the regional authorities of Salzburg. Those indicators - based on existing regularly updated databases - are meant to deliver information on status and changes of the settlement structure within the province of Salzburg. With the results a better evaluation of the realisation of aims of the regional planning - such as compact settlement development, inside settlement development and coordination of settlement develoment and infrastructure - is supported at different scales.

The project results are supporting spatial monitoring as well as provincial, regional and local planning to realise a sustainable settlement development not only by easing decision making but also by delivering instruments for the checking of results and a basis for spatial planning reports.

Amt der Salzburger Landesregierung - Abteilung 7 Raumplanung
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