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Public accessibility Vienna

2008 to 2009

The aim of the project is the development of models, which represent the multi-criteria accessibility of residential areas in Vienna considering access to places with high functional importance. The model includes the pedestrial accessibility of stops and stations, the frequency of halts and the travel time to the next center.

The results allow for a spatial evaluation of residential areas concerning the nearest / most attractive stops/stations, the quality of public transport for different residential areas and the average travel time to the next functional city center. The realisation of concepts for a sustainable settlement development call for a measureable basis of decision making and a transparent validation of existing and potential settlement areas. Additionally the developed indicators can be basis for a demand-oriented infrastructure planning.

The GIS based models support the repeatability of calculations using changed parameter input. Thus spatial scenarios and their impact on the quality of supply for resident population and places of work can be calculated and analysed. The inclusion of socio-demographic data makes it also possible to analyse the supply of different groups such as students or elderly people.


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