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PTS - Public Transport Screener

2010 to 2012

The mobility behaviour and the possibilities of mobility of individuals are considerably influenced by demographic and social developments as well as by structural changes within space. A significant part of elderly people is dependent on public transport services due to physical or financial limitations. People with reduced mobility are often excluded from the use of public transport because of insurmountable barriers. Therefore questions of barrier-free mobility, age appropriateness and target group specific mobility needs come into focus in public transport planning. Conventional planning methods and technologies are not feasible to include these requirements simultaneously. Tools for evaluation and planning, that allow for a station related analysis of accessibility and quality of public transport services, are missing.

Project Aims:

  • Modelling of demographic developments, settlement structures and future mobility requirements with geoinformatics allows for a spatial assessment of the accessibility and the quality of services within public transport.
  • The accessibility to public transport will be evaluated by the configuration of public transport stations as well as by the existence of barriers. Therefore a model for public transport stops and stations will be developed, which can be integrated into the Austria-wide “GraphenIntegrationsPlattform” (GIP).
  • The target group specific assessment of the quality of services (e.g. service interval, travel-time) will be carried out via an interlinkage of traffic demand and offers of public transport. The data connection to public transport information systems enables area-wide analysis.


PublicTransportScreener Web-Planungsdienste:

  • PTS-Dienst Siedlungsfläche:
    Indicator for a „region of short ways“; connection / access of a settlement (area) to the next public transport network and to the closest basic supply facilities; characteristics of existing and potential settlement areas.
  • PTS-Dienst Barrierefreiheit :
    Information about barrier-free access to a public transport stop and age-specific demand of the environment; indicator to prioritise decisions concerning the infrastructure of public transport stops.
  • PTS-Dienst Erreichbarkeit von Zentren:
    Information on the transport offers within a region: way from residential location to various higer-level local centres (walking time, travel time with vehicle, waiting time, frequency of change)







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