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2009 to 2017

Modern spatial data infrastructures allow direct access or the use of geo-spatial data services from different providers. The implementation of spatial data infrastructures (SDI) is worldwide and particularly in Europe underway. Austria just made a vigorous effort to develop a national spatial data infrastructure (NSDI). One of the essential prerequisites is a standardized documentation of geographical resources.

Against this background the project profil.AT was commissioned by the Austrian Um-brella Organization for Geographic Information - AGEO in 2007. This project should identify those metadata elements, based on the norms ON/EN/ISO 19115 Metadata and ON/EN/ISO 19119 Geographic-Services, that should be used on different appli-cation domains across as core elements for a coordinated documentation of geo-graphical resources in Austria, in the form of a consultation process. Based on these requirements and the target compatibility for documentation of INSPIRE-resources (incl. Annex I - III) the revision of this profile started with the project profil.AT 3.0.

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