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ORES - Geographical data and methods as basis for the optimization of rural energy systems with a focus on biomass usage

The aim of the project is the development of a simple computer based tool for the optimisation of rural energy systems. Next to the directly energy relevant component, agricultural and forestry processes and goods are considered to ensure a holistic perception of rural energy systems with special regard of biomass usage.

To derive clear recommendations for the implementation of a sustainable regional energy system, the tool is based on high resolution geographical data. Thus regional structures and their impacts on the regional energy system can be included. To ensure portability of the model mainly public data are used as input.

The project is connecting spatial analyses with the model generator TIMES, which allows the analysis of local, regional and global energy systems performing a cost based system optimisation at the same time.

The project is funded by the Friedrich-Schiedel-Stiftung für Energietechnik Wien.

Download: Presentation of Results (German)

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