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OLS3D - Organizing Large Scale 3D geoinformation

2016 to 2019

Current baseline studies of 3D large scale geoinformation in organizations and companies in Austria reveal a situation where location-aware resources are distributed within different departments and are technically encapsulated.

Based on available building modeling standards from different application-domains (architecture, planning, geoinformatics, etc.), the spatio-temporal information inventory will be harmonized technically and with regards to content in an application-independent manner using semantic ‘loose-coupling’ strategies. Additionally, linking provides a stable foundation for the resilient modeling of both 2D and 3D indoor production environments.

The goal of the dissertation project OLS3D is the scientific clarification and prototypical development of an adaptive workflow to organize and leverage large-scale 3D facility/building data as technical and content-driven base for location-aware contextualization of smart production environments for positioning, visualization and location-based process management and information-provision to support enhanced personnel-machine interaction based on SDI-concepts (SDIs – Spatial Data Infrastructures).

The goal of the additional application-independent ‘location-aware’ contextualization of indoor environments is to support the extended personnel-machine interaction requirements in smart production environments for indoor-positioning, production asset monitoring, orientation, location-based management, operational safety as well as situational perception of personnel and machines in addition to the structuring layer ‘time’.

Link to the OSL3D-Poster

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