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THE4BEES – An End? Or a new beginning?

The Interreg Alpine Space Project “THE4BEES” (Transnational Holistic Ecosystem 4 Better Energy Efficiency through Social innovation) has now come to an end: The final event of this 3-year project successfully took place on 22 and 23 of October in Turin.

Laura Knoth won the award for the best short presentation at the SSF 2018 conference

“Time is the ultimate non-renewable resource” was one of the mottos at the symposium “A Smart Sustainable Future for All 2018”.

50 students from Twente (NL) visiting iSPACE

In the course of an excursion to various geoinformatics organizations in Germany and Austria, 50 geoinformatics master’s students visited the Studio iSPACE. Their aim was to get insights into current applied research. For this purpose, iSPACE prepared eight talks in two locations to show the students the diverse topics and organizational forms of research:

2017.03.10 to 2017.03.12
Ptuj, Slovenia

THE4BEES Project Meeting

From 10.-12. April 2017 the THE4BEES project meeting took place in Ptuj (Slovenia). Project partners from Germany, Slovenia, Italy, France, Swiss and Austria met there to discuss first prototypes, planed events and project management issues. 

Ideas and suggested solution were eleborated during small group works and interactive feedback rounds. 

BORG Oberndorf, Salzburg

THE4BEES Workshop @ BORG Oberndorf

In the course of THE4BEES project, a first workshop was taking place together with a class of the BORG Oberndorf. The content of the workshop was on the one hand, the installation of sensors in the classroom and on the other hand, the digitization of the school building with the software “JOSM”.
2016.10.18 to 2016.10.21
Athens, Greece

3D GeoInfo Conference

On 18th to 21st October 2016, the „Joint 3D Athens Conference 2016“ was taking place in Athens, a combined event of the 11th 3D Geoinfo Conference and the 5th International FIG Workshop on 3D Cadastres. The conference was a great opportunity to share insights on the generation, management, organization and sharing of 3D geographic information.
Linz / Salzburg

GISDAY 2015 OÖ / Salzburg

The international GIS Day took place on 18.11.2015. The aim of Research Studio iSPACE was to give students a practical overview of research areas from the GIS domain. The topic of the presentation was "Outdoor / Indoor Positioning".


International Conference on Information Technologies in Landscape Architecture

From May 22-25 the Digital Landscape Architecture Conference takes place in Dessau, during which RSA FG - Research Studio iSPACE presents results from its pilot activities in the Urban Green Belts project.

The conference features presentations and workshops with different thematic aspects like geodesign, landscapes and BIM, smart cities, and virtual reality.

Messe Congress Center, Messeplatz 1, 1020 Wien

BauZ! Vienna Congress on Sustainable Building - Round table

International Congress 13–15 February 2019 held in the framework of the Vienna Bauen & Energie trade fair

. On 14. February 2019 Studio iSPACE and Energy Institute Vorarlberg present results from the joint project BONSEI.

Salzburg Congress


The Research Studio iSPACE presented an innovative way of indoor positioning using low cost bluetooth low energy devices to the audience of the ESRI European User Conference 2015. A 2D/3D map showing the actual position demonstrated the ability of real-time positioning in indoor areas.


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