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MORECO – Mobility and Residential Costs

2011 to 2014

 Economic and demographic dynamics in Alpine areas lead to an extension of peri-urban areas, to a splitting of the territory (sprawled structures) and of transport services, and to an enormous increase of private individual traffic. These consequences are especially problematic because of the strictly limited space for settlement development in the Alpine area.
The main objective of MORECO project is to improve accessibility and to foster sustainable mobility. This can be realized by fostering an optimized polycentric settlement development in Alpine areas through influencing site decisions of the private house hunters and public stakeholders. Long term cost effects will thus be highlighted and residential locations situated close to supply centres and public transport are promoted. Practical tools and new cooperations in governance on local and regional level shall promote and improve the access to existing infrastructures in alpine areas (mainly public transport) and optimize settlement structures.
The MORECO partnership supports public transport by influencing spatial governance from local to transnational level, by new institutional co-operations between spatial planning authorities and transport providers, by sound methodological instruments for spatial planners and politicians for assessing long term cost effects, by new instruments showing spatial potentials for transport actors, and new services for briefing house hunting households showing long term cost effects.
The MORECO-governance strategy will be applied in legally binding spatial plans in SIovenia and Italy. The new planning practise is characterised by the integration of mobility in spatial plans, interdisciplinary planning and involvement of transport stakeholders. New institutional co-operations of spatial planning and mobility actors are consolidated. Further a cost-information-tool for households (“cost-calculator”) is implemented in order to influence private location decisions towards sustainable settlement patterns. For planners and mobility actors GIS-tools are implemented providing accessibility- and cost data for a sustainable planning. The MORECO-strategy is furthermore implemented in consulting services (e.g. housing counselling) and Political tools. They are available for political decision makers, authorities and building companies. They will be distributed in workshops, seminars, guidelines, and public conferences.

Europäischer Fonds für Regionale Entwicklung, Europäische Territoriale Zusammenarbeit 2007-2013, Interreg IIIB, Alpine Space Programm
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