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Security is probably the most important base of society. Citizens need security against environmental, technological and terroristic perils. Recent experiences have shown that one important factor within crisis management is the availability of an up-to-date map which shows the positions of relevant buildings, people etc. It is impossible to react in time without accurate site-related information about events causes by crises. The globalisation which has already reached national safety policies makes the coordination even harder.

iSPACE develops solutions based on advanced methods of geoinformatics which are meant to safeguard citizens and infrastructure against any sort of natural or humanly caused hazards. Simliar to the division "onPlanning" the main focus lies on the development of analytic strategies for decision support.

iSPACE.onINFRASAFETYs field of work is applied geoinformatics used for security research and risk management. iSPACE.onINFRASAFETY offers its competences for application to the energy and infrastructure industry, traffic and logistics, urban and regional planning, risk and emergency management as well as public services. Especially the following methods are used:

Mobile Location Based Systems

Mobile access to information portals is based on the current position as a dynamically changing input within the recent context. Positioning services such as GPS or future GALILEO need powerful dynamically reacting network services and new logic for user interfaces based on consistent workflow designs.


GIS supported collaborative working environments make it possible to exchange real time information on positions. The integration of mapping and analysis services offers qualified information and a multi media communication tool to support decisions and coordination of operation controllers and action force.


Object oriented image processing and analysis of spatial patterns are basic tools for the creation of spatial indicators. Geo-referenced visualisation systems on the internet serve as decision supporting communication components.

Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0