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2016 to 2017

The turnaround to renewable heat supply in the city is a crucial corner stone of energy transition. 60% of all CO2-emissions of the city of Salzburg derive from heat production. The city of Salzburg and the province of Salzburg have each adpoted climate and energy masterplans.

Many of the goals are similar - including energy transition in the heat sector. Together the authorities want to realize the energy transition in the heat sector for the whole central area of Salzburg. It is not single technological solutions which are needed, but their combination into scalable and marketable system solutions for different user groups and the integration into a multidisciplinary governance concept.

From a technological point of view heat transition is possible. Challenges are to be met in the smart combination, integration and control of sustainable heat producers, heat reservoirs and heat consumers. Answers exist, while a major challenge remains: The practical implementation of this know-how. „Innovation is in the process, not in technology!“ Extensive regional energy planning is indispensable. Strategic accompanying measures like the use and extension of regulatory options, subsidies, new business modells, change management and research are other crucial ingredients for the energy transition in the heat sector. These scopes need to be combined with the technological solution. The development of an integrated concept for heat transition in the central area of Salzburg is the goal of this project.

Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0