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2012 to 2013

The public transport share for shopping or private activities is 0-4%, the MIV-share is with the exception of urban areas at about 90%. 48% of shopping trips are for shopping only, for more than half of the trips, shopping is a part of a service chain (eg part of the working path).
To increase the public transport share in these trip chains the public transport stops must be analysed with their respective environments and measures to increase the attractiveness of the user (public transport offer, intermodal connectivity, facilities with additional benefits, ...) are derived. The settlement structure context of a stop has so far been not taken into account in planning.

Project Aims:
• Integration of the public transport stops environment in an information, assessment and planning tool: accessibility, equipment and information on the stops environment (infrastructure, settlement structure , access paths ) can be linked systematically and assessed with tools of geoinformatics. The integration of social media services broadens the variety of data on infrastructure and keeps it up to date. For the first time integrated planning processes in terms of need-based coordination of infrastructure and public transport are possible.
• Public transport community client (stops client , Google Places , Facebook Places , OpenStreetMap ): In Facts4Stops is evaluated, which social media services are suitable to detect the attractivity of the stops-environment. In addition, technical integration issues have to be clarified. The PT community client allows information (eg, doctors , ATMs, shops, attractions , venues) to be displayed in the vicinity of bus stops and evaluated simultaneously by the community.

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• TraffiCon – Traffic Consultants GmbH


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