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EuRegional Spatial Indicators

2006 to 2007

EuRegional spatial indicators for a sustainable regional development

EuRegio Salzburg-Berchtesgadener Land- Traunstein emerges continuously as a single market and a working and living space which belongs together. The intensification of cross-border activities results in cross-border monitoring and analysis. Planning for the whole cross-border EuRegio and developing national planning programmes like the Bavarian and Salzburg state developing programme or the developing concept of the city of Salzburg show that policy makers are in need of cross-border planning fundamentels and spatial indicators.Those are requirements for sustainable harmonised planning activities within a functional region. The project area includes the city of Salzburg and the surrounding communities in Austria (Bundesland Salzburg) and Germany (Landkreis Berchtesgaden and Traunstein).

The INTERREG III A project "EuRegionale Raumindikatoren für die nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung" (spatial indicators for sustainable regional development in the EURegio region) has been designed in autumn 2005. iSPACE which is the project executing organisation develops high resolution spatial indicatorstogether with Z_GIS (academic partner), authorities of the city and federal state of Salzburg and Bavaria as well as Statistics Austria. The project is meant to reduce information and knowledge insufficiencies and bring spatial information from both sides of the border together in an innovative way. This is the first time that such cross-border indicators are created for this region and they mean an important basis for decisions in future planning processes.

Mag. Stefan Herbst
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