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Energy region Weser-Ems

The aim of the recent study is to evaluate whether it is possible to prepare small scale energy relevant data for Weser-Ems region and under what circumstances.

The illustration of these energy relevant factors will contribute to gain knowledge on important aspects of an implementation of an energy self-supporting region Weser-Ems. Furthermore the usage as communication and information tool is essential.

A follow-up project will aim at establishing a web-based information retrieval system, which shows potentials of individual energy carriers and the energy demand within the region using geographical data. Additionally is shall be possible to calculate different scenarios for the fulfillment of demand depending on different assumptions. These are supporting strategic and operative decisions according to the initiation of the region as energy self-supporting region.

Region Weser-Ems
Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0