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Check list – Web-based information service for a check list of forward-looking housing

2012 to 2013

When deciding about the location for housing the quality of the residential environment has a major influence on sustainable urban development. For example, the mobility behaviour of the residents is positively affected by infrastructure facilities within walking distance which again results in lower energy consumption and emissions caused by traffic.

In order to demonstrate a sustainable and ecological way of housing the city of Salzburg published a check list for assessing building projects regarding sustainability. The project ordered by the municipal authority of Salzburg aims on developing a web-based information service for an interactive location assessment within the whole city.

A new tool is developed which allows an automated assessment of all sites within the city of Salzburg regarding their suitability as residential locations. This facilitates the process of getting information on different sites and of comparing them. It is intended for house hunters, for property developer as well as for mobility and spatial planners.

The web-based information service offers a simple possibility of inquiring different locations and getting a basis for future housing developments and decisions. The results support a sustainable urban settlement development and provide important comparable information on the current topic of urban redensification.

Magistrat der Stadt Salzburg, Stadtplanung
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