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50 students from Twente (NL) visiting iSPACE

In the course of an excursion to various geoinformatics organizations in Germany and Austria, 50 geoinformatics master’s students visited the Studio iSPACE. Their aim was to get insights into current applied research. For this purpose, iSPACE prepared eight talks in two locations to show the students the diverse topics and organizational forms of research:

In the iDEAS:lab, Bernhard Vockner presented the RSA FG with its pipeline concept, the Studio iSPACE and especially Smart 4D Environments on the basis of several projects and activities. Johanna Schmitt reported on the results of her just finished Master’s Thesis about urban green spaces quality in the context of the Interreg Project Urban Green Belts. Laura Knoth showed the iSPACE core areas “sensors”, “3D modelling” and “data harmonization” on the base of the project THE4BEES. Bernhard Castellazzi presented theory and practice of service area and graph models with an interactive presentation of the public transport potential tool.

The main topic of the IQ-lab session was energy and green mobility: Markus Biberarcher told the students about the diverse thematic areas in iSPACE and geographic organization structures of energy distributions starting from a whole state to the inner-city energy distribution. Anna Butzhammer presented the mobility tools “MORECO” and “household calculator” which both help to estimate the costs of living and mobility. Fabian Hofsäß presented the results of his Master’s Thesis of roof form extractions from Lidar data, as well as the project “IDEE” (Integratives Design Effizienter Energiesysteme).

The diverse topics present in iSPACE have been very interesting for the students. Additionally, they learned that research outside of universities can be fun as well.

Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0